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Puppy Resources

How exciting, you have a new puppy! Now the work begins. To assist you in turning your puppy into a well socialized companion, we have provided the following resources.

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New Puppy Package (PDFs)

Canine Basic Health Check

Canine Diseases & Vaccinations

Ticks and Fleas

Canine Heartworm and Intestinal Parasites


Ear Care

Administering Medication

Household Dangers

Putting Your Puppy / Dog on Their Best Behaviour

Nutritional Requirements of Large/Giant Breed Puppies

General Puppy Training

Playlist: A Step by Step Guide to Teaching your Puppy or Dog (in order) - Zak George (videos)

I Got a New Puppy Series - Zak George (videos)

Perfect Puppy in 7 Days: How to Start Your Puppy Off Right - Dr. Sophia Yin (Amazon book)

Dr. Sophia Yin's Website

Puppy Socialization

Perfect Puppy in 7 Days: How to Start Your Puppy Off Right - Dr. Sophia Yin (book)

Puppy Socialization Checklist - Dr. Sophia Yin (PDF)

Puppy Socialization at the Dog Park - Robin Bennett (website)

Crate Training

Crate Training - Zak George (video)

Puppy Nipping & Biting

How to Train Your Puppy to Stop Biting You - Zak George (video)


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