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Kitten & Cat Resources

Whether you have just added a kitten to your family or have been enjoying cat ownership for quite some time, we have added a bunch of resources to assist you. 

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New Kitten Package (PDFs)

Feline Basic Health Check

Feline Diseases & Vaccinations

Ticks and Fleas

Helping Your Kitten or Cat Behave Purrr-fectly!

Ear Care

Administering Medication

Household Dangers


Enriching Your Cats Environment

How to Make a Happy Home For Your Cat (video)

More Than Scratching Posts (video)

Five Apartment Cat Tips! (video)

Putting the Hunt Back into Mealtime (video)

Teaching Your Cat to SIT (video)

Indoor Pet Initiative

(The Ohio State University)

Keeping Cats Indoors Summary (PDF)

Indoor Pet Initiative (website)

- Basic Indoor Cat Needs

- Understanding Cats

- Feline Life Stressors

- Problem Solving

- Keeping Indoor Cats Healthy

- Pet Identification

Nail Trims

An Easy Way to Cut Your Cat's Nails (video)

How to Trim/Cut Your Cat's Nails the Humane Way (video)

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